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Convenience Center

Specialized Convenience Centers Designs

All towns and cities have convenience centers that are designed to help residents’ dispose-off residential waste. Though it might not sound like these structures or spaces require too much planning, the fact is that very careful planning goes into them. The design of these centers has to be maximized for convenience. They cover large geographic areas and easy access is important. 

The Specifics

All counties also have very specific guidelines about structural designs and landscaping in and around convenience centers. There are specifications about the entranceway corridor designs as this poses a challenge for this kind of use. Another important factor that we look into while designing these centers is that they should have a minimal impact on the nearby residents. In some cases, the property might not be in the vicinity of a “pad ready” site and our design team ensures that the best designs are provided to lower the costs of development.

Numerous Factors

There are numerous factors we work on while redesigning or remodeling convenience centers and entrance improvements and fencing are basic requirements. In some cases utility relocation is requested and we also provide comprehensive plans for it. Another important factor is the visual impact of these centers. There are specific techniques to vegetative buffering or landscaping them. We ensure that these plans are also drawn out to specification before they are sent to boards of the concerned counties, for approval.

Approved Structures

We have extensive experience with redesigning convenience centers and our focus is on improving the safety and efficiency of collections and disposal. Structures are designed and constructed as per county-approved plans.

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