Renovate Now Commercial


Hotels Design Concepts

Hotel renovation is a very specialized field. Today, there is a turnaround in the economy and the hotel industry is also picking up pace. Many hotels are now making Property Improvement Plans and renovation is a key component of it. Targeted repositioning of assets has significant upside potential for owners and there is a very noticeable improvement in remodeling activities.

Focus on value

Expensive remodeling is being given a miss and the focus is on targeted renovations that will offer the greatest value to the consumer and optimum ROI. Casegoods are being re-used selectively and new tops and hardware are being used as well. There is a very creative approach to soft goods and lighting. There is also a lot of focus of targeted bathroom renovations which adds to the vanity experience. Underused bathtubs are being converted into shower stalls and technology is being upgraded.

Spotlighting Branding

Hotels find that customers still want lobbies to convey distinct branding and personality. The ambience in this space is becoming all-important and remodeling projects are concentrated around these common spaces in hotel redesigning. Variety in meeting spaces is another area that is a focus point today.  We feel that over the course of the year, most remodeling projects will be conducted with a very keen eye on ROI in comparison to previous years

Value Revisited

With all this in view we also ensure that the procurement and construction schedules are adhered to and that there are no delays. We thus engage the best project managers who have hotel industry experience. Taking the distracting and stressful burden off your back, driving value-adds and savings is the basis of our best hotels remodeling projects.

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